Hiking Switzerland

Hiking Switzerland

Hiking trails in Switzerland

Hiking is experiencing a new wave of enthusiasm.

Gone are the days when old men with sticks and hats shaped the image of hiking, because more and more young families are conquering the mountains. Children get closer to nature in a variety of ways, and if properly prepared, a family hiking holiday will be an unforgettable experience.

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Tour planning with young children

Children often need short breaks as they tire quickly, and just as quickly recover too.
For small children in carrier harnesses, harnesses with foot support is recommended and children should always be dressed very warmly in case of bad weather. Circulation particularly can be affected if feet, legs and hands are not protected from the cold.

Also ensure that children are protected against the sun's rays in all weather (even against reflection in snow).


Information for planning tours
- Current weather conditions
- Detailed card materials
- Maximum time required per route
- Maximum height (m) for ascent / descent
- Climbing aids (trains)
- Arrival type
- Arrival time
- Your mountain experience
- Overnight stays
- Difficulty level of each route
- Exceptional conditions (falling rocks, etc.)

The right clothing not only belongs in the suitcase

but also in the backpack when hiking.
Important is:
- Change of clothes and rain gear
- Hiking boots, at least ankle-high
Important: the right size. In any case, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist dealer Shoes that are too small cause blisters, while shoes that are too big pose a risk of tripping and thus injury
- Sun protection: Sunscreen with an appropriate sun protection factor, long-sleeved clothing and a sun hat In addition, a small first-aid kit with the following contents is part of every tour:
- Plasters and blister plasters
- elastic bandages (for dislocations or sprains)
- small scissors
- antiseptic solution
- Wound Salve
- tweezers In addition to all the practical things, there is also something to do for entertainment


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This is often uncomplicated, small adventurers discover many exciting things on their own while hiking in attractive nature. You can do a lot of tinkering with different natural materials and to realize these ideas on site you should have one or the other aid or tool with you.
Here is my little list:
- a plastic bag or two
- Children's pocket knife
- Safety pins
- Pencil & Paper
- Children's camera
- Duct tape
- Line
- Mini magnifying glass or even better a cup magnifying glass