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Winter sport in Switzerland

It's not like many think that all Swiss people are born with skis on their feet...
but in the alpine valleys there are a lot of youngsters who can ski fantastically. In many mountain areas there are ski lifts where you can ski and snowboard.
Either on the official ski slopes or, if permitted, on the off-piste in sensational powder snow.
Enjoy the cold and dry air in the Swiss snowy mountains.

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Winter sport is relaxing and good for you
Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski tours, ice skating, snow walking:
Movement and sporting activity in crisp winter air and clear snowy scenery is especially relaxing.
Some claim that two weeks winter vacation can provide the same level of relaxation as three weeks summer vacation. The fitness benefit can be felt especially with cross-country skiing and hiking at a regular pace thhrough the snow.

Through this form of activity, many muscle groups are used, whilst in skiing, only the leg muscules are really required. It is important with all winter sports to warm up and stretch muscles thoroughly before setting out on your activities.

At the end, allow physical exertion to be reduced slowly and ensure that you change out of damp clothing as soon as possible.