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Picture by Peter Steehouwer

Detailed information about flying demonstration of October 2016

Update: 4. September 2o15

Axalpair force live fire   Official Flyer for the year 2016
Information on whether the event will take place

Flyer in German language.

Flyer in English, French and Italian language are at the time apparently no longer available.
Lageplan und Panoramakarte  
Info-Flyer with Panoramic Map and Directions

 with more Details from VBS - Version 2012
Organisation of traffic and parking (VBS - side)

Good footwear and raingear is recommended.
This is not an easy hike. Depending on the weather conditions the ascent may get very hard.

To help, consider the Wanderpackliste of Sentiero.ch.

The flying demonstration can be connected with a beautiful.
While the two days of the demonstration the chairlift Windegg is operated. With the help of the chair lift the ascent can be shortened by about 30 minutes.

WARNING – There is always a big crowd and a waiting line is building up. Early arrival helps to avoid the waiting at the chairlift.
The chair lift transports the viewer to 1'930 m above sea level. The ascent with the chairlift follows a hike of about 1.5 - 2 hours.
The path can not be missed. Just follow the other thousands visitiors.

1-day hike Axalp
Schnitzlerweg Axalp - Hinderburgseeli - Axalp. In 2.5 hours on the Schnitzlerweg with many carved trees on Axalp.
Details for 1-day hike

2-day hike Axalp
Light, romantic walk on the shore of Brienzersee, Giessbach impressive, old mule track to the Axalp. Beautifully designed trail towards romantic Hinterburgseeli.
Details for the 2-day hike

Or even just a visit to the Aareschlucht?
Details for the Aareschlucht
Axalp 2007 - Das Video  
Axalp 2007 - the video
This video provides a first and rough idea what the spectators and pilots interested in this demonstration will be shown.


Nearby Accommodations

Schibärghütte Axalp

Bärghuus Axalp
In Bärghuus you have the opportunity to cook for yourselfs. If your are not in the mood to eat in a restaurant a kitchen is available. If not provided by the neighbor.

Lake Lodge Backpackers Istenwald
The Backpackers Hostel right on the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz. On the one hand, the Brienzer Rothorn and on the other side the Axalp & Schynigge plate. The Lake Lodge offers affordable accommodation with a unique sea and mountain panorama with Zen Garden, beach, lake terrace, BBQ area and a cocktail bar

Something for high demands.
A newly built hotel with a unique kitchen, bar and Schwitzhütte


Haslital im Berner Oberland

Hotels und andere Unterkünfte in Interlaken

Übernachtungsmöglichkeit in Brienz


Accomodations in the region of Axalp

Accommodation in Haslital.
Where is Haslital?

Overview list with different Accommodation.
Where is Interlaken?


Overview with different Accommodation in Brienz.

Wo liegt Brienz?



Weather forecast
Webcam Axalp
Wetter via Webcam Axalp
Detail weather forecast  Axalp from Bergfex

Weather on Sentiero.ch
On our weather page you will find all the information and references to allow a reliable planning.



live shooting air force
Fotos made by Peter Steehouwer - Airshow Photogallerie




Fliegerschiessen AXALP 2016 - has been cancelled !!

Here you can find the details.

Absage Axalp

As of the Official website of the Swiss Air Force 2018

Every year, in late-autumn, the Swiss Air Force demonstrates the professionalism of its pilots
in Axalp/Ebenfluh in the Swiss Alps 2200 meters above sea level, on top of a mountain,
a spectacular air show is put on, which is open to the public.  From the highest vantage point,
planes fly in front of the spectator and a shoooting demonstration to rival any shown across
Europe or indeed the world, is performed for all to see.
As well as the Swiss Air Force's military shooting display are many other civilian offerings,
including search and rescue operation demonstrations, carried out in the frame of the
Swiss Federal Constitution. Annual Axalp shooting event. A range of offers on mountain
equipment Possibility for aviation fanatics to experience an air show in the open mountains.

The annual Axalp shooting event is a possibility for aviation fanatics to experience an air show
in the open mountains.

Axalp 2016

Axalp Links
Axalp 2012 - Full HD
Axalp 2012
Pictures AXALP - Gripen 2013 by Martin Hales
Axalp mountain event pictures
Switzerland-AXALP-10-2015-AirForce - Martin Hales 2015
Switzerland-AXALP-10-2013-AirForce - Martin Hales 2013
Switzerland-AXALP-10-2012-Helis - Martin Hales 2012
Switzerland-AXALP-10-2012-AirForce - Martin Hales 2012
Switzerland-AXALP-10-2012-Helis - Martin Hales 2012
Fotocommunity Bilder
Axalp 2012 by P.Steehouwer













Patrouille Suisse - Backstage

More Air Force pictures
Martin Hales




Aerobatic Freestyle Challenge-6-2012-Kvalifikace
Aerobatic Freestyle Challenge-6-2012-Final
Aerobatic Freestyle Challenge-6-2012-Face


Extra-OK-SON -Matin-Šonka-6-2012

Čáslav letiště - den otevřených dveří  5/2011





















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