First Aid Kit Sponsoring

First aid kit

At present we are in negotiation with a potential sponsor that provides a first aid kit of the highest standard, and guarantees the following:
- Sufficient supplies in each kit to last many years
- All medicines include a full description of the contents and how it should be applied
- Sterile bandages which are guaranteed for 20 years

More details about the First aid kit (Geman only)

Minimum requirement

The kit is made out of ABS plastic and therefore can withstand extreme temperatures, hot and cold.  The dressings are guaranteed for 20 years from the manufacturing date.  In addition, the first aid kit is compartmentalised so that medicines are easy to find with expiration dates clearly marked.  Therefore, the kits are extremely practical and, in emergencies, the necessary medicine can be found immediately.  At present we are negotiating the cost of making such kits available for all hut owners.


Sample Case from Schä

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