Weatherforecast Switzerland

Weatherforecast in Switzerland

Notes for hikers

From experience, accidents and injuries in the mountains are mostly caused by the following points:
- Inexperience in this particular high mountain terrain
- Unfamiliar terrain should only be hiked with a map and not leave the marked paths
- Overestimating one's own capabilities
- Gradually increase the difficulty of your ventures and start with easy tours
- Insufficient equipment

Useful help: Packing list from

Tips and warnings for hikers:

Accidents can easily lead to injuries in the mountains as a result of individuals' inexperience in hiking in mountainous terrain.

- Hiking in unknown mountain terrain should only be done with a card and individuals should not leave the marked paths

- Increase the difficulty of your trails slowly and begin with simple trails. Ensure that you have sufficient equipment

- Pay attention to wether warnings when planning mountain trecks. 

Bad weather can cause accidents Rain makes the rocky underground very slippery and fog impedes orientation. Snowfall and storms can be extremely powerful in the mountains, therefore do not set out if the weather forecast predicts such strong weather. Interrupt a mountain tour if approaching a thunder storm and find a mountain cottage (with lightning protection system) or return to the valley before the thunder storm gets too close.In the worst case, search for a cave or seek protection under a ledge at the foot of the mountain. !!

During a thunderstorm:
Don't touch wires, wet climbing ropes, ladders and lattice made out of metal, and wet rock faces !!