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Useful tips for emergencies

On a mountain tour, the smallest accident can have unpleasant consequences and the entire enterprise spirals out of control. First aid cannot be learned during emergencies.
It is best if at least one person refreshes their first aid skills before setting off on a tour.
This is particularly advisable for larger tours in rough terrain.

Knowledge (mostly in German)

Emergency pharmacies in Switzerland
Medical encyclopedia with text & graphics (German)
Medicinal plant dictionary with descriptions
Membership as a patron of REGA

Rotes Kreuz - Spenden .... this is also first aid

Emergency telephone numbers Switzerland (mostly in German)

117 - Police-Emergency number
118 - Firefighters-Emergency number
144 - Ambulance-Emergency number
1414 - REGA-helicopter
140 - Car breakdown / TCS..
145 - Contamination..

First Aid Links (mostly in German)

First aid Immediate life - saving measures
First aid kit Sentiero - for mountain huts
Mountain accident behavior and alerting
Lightning protection rules behavior and protective measures
The SLRG's 6 rules of conduct on ice
Lots of tips and home remedies for illnesses

REGA helicopter alert
Distress channel (PDF)
Emergency radio & PLB use
Alpine Rescue Switzerland
All important numbers - emergency services Switzerland

Medication compilation mountain hut (sample)