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Base Jumping event - 2008

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Lauterbrunnen: The Video / The Pictures

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new record jump from the 101 Tower in Taipeh



Lauterbrunnen - Base Jumping Event Switzerland

The ultimatum Kick for the professional parachutist is without a doubt the BASE JUMP!
While a parachutist jumps out of a plane at around 3000m height, and has sufficient time in the free fall to practice his stunts, a base jumper must know at all times how much time and space remains for him to complete his stunts.  Rather than jumping from a plane, a base jumper launches himself from a bridge, a building or a rock, usually less than 1000m in height, and must open his parachute at bare minumum 200m above the ground.

So-called Wingsuits (bat-suits) permit the jumper to actually fly - controlled Skydiving-High-Performance.

There is no second chance (or reserve-screen).  It does not exist!!

Base Jumping and/or Wingsuit-Flying is extreme-sport.
History - not much information is available, apart from what you need to know unconditionally before your jump